Who are we?

ACV-Transcom is the biggest transport workers' union in Belgium. Day after day, we defend the interests of all professional drivers working in our country and we fight for equal pay for equal work. Regardless of your nationality. Even if you are not officially resident in Belgium, you can still join the ACV-Transcom transport and communication workers' union. You can count on a good service and we have a lot of expertise in the transport sector. 
Because of the globalisation of our society and the extent and impact of social dumping, we are always seeking partnerships within Europe in order to provide you with even better advice and assistance. We work in close collaboration with the ETF, the European Transport Workers' Federation, which represents unions from across Europe. Our sector general officer for the French-speaking part of the country, Roberto Parrillo, chairs its Road Transport section. 
We also work hand in hand with trade unions all over Europe. On 13 October 2017 in Romania, in collaboration with five ETF-affiliated transport workers' unions from Denmark, Sweden and Romania, we opened the SLT; this is an international bureau for Romanian lorry drivers employed in Belgium, Sweden and Denmark if they need assistance when they don't receive the wages and working conditions they are entitled to. We also have a collaboration agreement with the Polish trade union Solidarnosc. We meet regularly and develop strategies for better representing the interests of Polish drivers working in our country!