What are your rights?

As a foreign driver, when can you claim a Belgian wage? 

  • You routinely work in Belgium or out of Belgium. 
  • You receive your instructions in Belgium. 
  • You generally start your journeys from Belgium and your truck is parked here. 
  • The goods you carry are loaded and/or unloaded in Belgium. 
  • At the end of an assignment, you generally return to Belgium. 

What is the minimum wage applicable, and what working conditions have to be observed? 

  • 38 hours of work per week, averaged over a 6-month period. 
  • Paid time is sub-divided into working time and periods of availability. Working time is the time YOU spend driving, loading and unloading. The period of availability is the time during which you have to be available. This includes, for example, the time you spend on a train or boat accompanying the vehicle. But also when your loading/unloading operations are carried out by someone else, the time you wait at borders etc. 
  • You are entitled to your allowance under the General Health and Safety Regulations. This allowance covers all the expenses you have to pay out as a driver in the absence of fixed facilities (toilet, shower, drinks etc.). 
  • If you have to spend the night away from home, you receive a subsistence allowance. 
  • Work on Sundays and public holidays is regarded as working time paid at double time, while periods of availability are paid at time and a half. 
  • If you work primarily at night, you receive a night work bonus. 
  • And finally, if you have to be present outside the borders of Belgium for an assignment but you cannot carry out any work, you will receive a flat-rate wage for 8 hours, the normal subsistence allowances and also an additional allowance called the "fixed subsistence allowance".