Underpaid drivers who sleep in their cabs, in barracks or in containers, who have clocked up too many hours on the tachometer... this is much more common than we like to think. It often involves foreign drivers who work here for a wage that is far too low and with appalling working conditions. The victims of these practices are not only these drivers but Belgian drivers too, as their jobs are put at risk as the result of these labour malpractices. So who is responsible? The culprits are the companies who draw maximum advantage from, among other things, “letterbox” companies. They avoid their social obligations and pay excessively low wages. As a trade union, we are fighting this unfair competition, this exploitation, this form of modern slavery. Knowing one's rights is absolutely essential for a driver; it is a definite advantage. In most cases, a foreign driver is entitled to the same pay and the same working conditions as his or her Belgian colleagues. You can count on us. CSC-Transcom is the biggest transport workers' union in Belgium. Day after day, we defend the interests of all professional drivers working in our country. Regardless of nationality. As a driver, are you being paid enough? Do you receive all the payments you are entitled to?