Current amounts (+ 15 tonnes) under the 38 hours/week regime

Working time: 11.8550/h for 38h/week  
€11.5505/h for 39h/week 
Period of availability:11.7365/h for 38h/week 
€11.4350/h for 39h/week 
Allowance under the General Health and Safety Regulations:    1.4165 per hour of availability 
Subsistence allowance:€37.3340/night  
€15.1330 for the first daily rest where duty time (working hours + hours of availability) is less than 8 hours or where time away from home is less than 24 hours, and only entails a single daily res
Fixed subsistence allowance:10.1505 per day 
Night work: 1.1770/h for under 50s 
€1.4705/h for those aged 50 and over