Contact us

  • Find us in one of our local offices 
  • Fill in the contact form (It may be necessary to involve a translation service or a European partner, which will take some time. We do our best to contact you as soon as possible)
  • If you work mainly in Germany, you can send your questions to FairMobility, An initiative by the German trade union, ver.di, another of our partners within the ETF 
  • We also have a collaboration agreement with the Polish trade union Solidarnosc. You can contact them directly:

What do you need to show us? 

In order to be able to calculate the amount you are entitled to, we will need a picture of your work activity in recent months. Keep a diary or time sheet, and note down: 
  • the hours you work every day 
  • the hours during which you are available every day 
  • when you have been ill 
  • when you have taken days off 
  • specify the country in which you normally work, the usual departure point. 
Collect together as many supporting documents as possible and bring them to us. Also bring your contract of employment and payslips if they have been issued by your employer.